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  • During workout 90% of muscles are exercised at the same time and are stimulated with impulses; the workout is more intensive and the results can be seen in a very short time
  • The workout itself lasts 20 minutes and its impact is 10 times more effective than working out in a fitness centre
  • The method is gentle to joints and ligaments and it is suitable for all age categories

The Body Diamond workout uniquely combines the advantages of traditional personal training with the most modern exercise methods, which improves the physical condition of both non-exercising individuals and athletes thanks to electrical muscle stimulation. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) for full-body exercise is a complete revolution in the fitness area. It has plenty of positive effects and no negative ones. While with traditional exercise it is the central nervous system which, through electrical impulses, gives a signal to the muscles to contract and cause movement, the EMS technology activates muscle contraction through external electrical impulses. The muscle doesn’t recognise the difference between the signal being sent from the brain and from outside. An advantage of the method is that various muscles can contract at the same time and with higher intensity and frequency, which means that a visible and tangible result can be achieved in a short time. Electrical muscle stimulation immediately employs your fast twitch muscle fibres.

Muscle effects:

  • Gentle body formation
  • Improvement of strength (dynamics, agility)
  • Improvement of endurance
  • Elimination of muscle imbalance – the main cause of back pains
  • Improvement of flexibility

Cosmetic effects:

  • Reduction of the symptoms and prevention of cellulite
  • Metabolism activation and improvement of blood circulation in organs and soft tissue
  • Reduction of fat in problematic areas
  • Massage effect
  • Improvement of posture

Health effects:

  • Dramatic reduction or total elimination of back pains
  • Release of muscle tension
  • Alleviation or elimination of incontinence symptoms

Mental effects:

  • Improvement of mental wellbeing
  • Improvement of stress endurance